Wynne Huddleston

is a poet, musician, and teacher with a Master of Music Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. A board member of the Mississippi Writer’s Guild, Ms. Huddleston's poetry was first published in the Meridian Community College (MS) Literary Review, formerly Apocalypse. She then pursued a degree in music, but has since studied creative writing on the graduate level at the University of West Alabama. MPS 2014 Poet of the Year, her first book, From the Depths of Red Bluff, was published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc.


Ms. Huddleston's poetry has been published in over sixty journals, ezines, and anthologies.


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My book is finally here!!!! 
From the Depths of Red Bluff, published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc. 


                            MPS Poet of the Year 2014 

1st Place MPS 2013 Award for "Devil's Due"

2013 Pushcart Nomination by Deep South Magazine for "Same Stars, Different Houses"

1st Place in Grandmother Earth National Contest, Environmental Division, for "Drilling Disaster."

Winner of the Enchanted ConversationThe Little Mermaid "Daughters of the Air" Contest, for "Teardrops."

In the Mississippi Poetry Society Fall 2013 Festival:

1st Place--Ophelia Dunn Moore Award —Circle of Eternity
2nd Place--ANY, ANY—Its Mark
2nd Place--Barron and Dessie Caulfield Memorial Award—The Child
3rd Place--CSA Memorial Award— Confederate President, Finis

HM Triolet AwardAll We Like Sheep 

In the Mississippi Poetry Society Spring 2013 Festival:

1st Place in Elvis Was in the Building Contest "I Can't Stop Loving You"

3rd Place in Frances P. Denington Memorial Award "Addicted"

HM for "Autumn Quilt"

In the Mississippi Poetry Society Spring 2012 Festival:

2nd Place for “User and Spouse

2nd Place for “Sweet, Sunny Summers

HM for “Sound Internal”

HM for “The Breath of Time”

In the Mississippi Poetry Society Fall 2011 Festival:

2nd Place in the Clay Anderson Award for “Regret”

3rd Place in the MPS Central Branch Award for “My Eclipse”

HM in the Charles and Dorothy Little Memorial Award

In the Mississippi Poetry Society Spring Festival, 2011:

1st Place-- Myrtle Rae Davis Jones Memorial Award for “Mother’s”

3rd Place--Poets Anonymous Award for “What Do You Know of Spring”

3rd Place--Dramatic Monologue for "Chopin: Robbing Time”

HM--Charles and Dorothy Little Memorial Award for “Reaching for Light.”

3rd Place--Poets Anonymous Award for "Between Us," 


Published Poems

Ms. Huddleston’s poetry/prose may be read in:

>Birmingham Arts Journal, 7-3. "His Shirts"

>Camroc Press Review, October 11 "Depressing Yourself," "Closure," and "October"

>Emerald Tales: Winter Solstice, Vol. 1, Special 3 "Winter's Cackles and Kisses"

>Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream, Vol. 30, Issue 4. "Birthing an Idea"

>Gemini Magazine, April 2010 "It's Hard to Pretend"

>Today in Mississippi "The Magic of Mississippi"

>;Enchanted Conversation, Issue 3 "The Little Mermaid's Secret Song"

>Emerald Tales: Midsummer’s Eve, Vol. 2, No. 3 "Starry-eyed Predictions"

>The Shine Journal, July 2010. author bio "Different Roads"

>From the Porch Swing – memories of our grandparents author bio "Don't Call Me Chicken," "Grandpa, King of Checkers," and "Where Muscadines Grow."

>;Poets for Living Waters, Open Mic "Drilling Disaster"

>THEMA Literary Journal, Music and Math Issue. "How to Beat the Blues in Twelve Bars." If you have the print journal, my name was listed as "Gwen" instead of Wynne Huddleston. There is a correction notice on the site, and as a bonus, you can read my poem there!

>joyful! September 2010 "The Sands of My Life"

>Enchanted Conversation, Issue 4. Into the Forest and Through the Woods (The Song of Hansel)

>Enchanted Conversation, "Daughters of the Air Contest" Winning Poem:  "Teardrops"

>Victorian Violet Press, Issue 5. "Director of the World"

>Aurora Wolf Press' New Fairy Tale Anthology. "A New Fairytale" 

>Grandmother Earth XVII. "Drilling Disaster"

>Pond Ripples Magazine, "The Wind in the Pinwheel" on Nov. 5 and "The Earth Gives Thanks," Nov. 20

>Calliope Nerve, "Carnival of Oleanders"

>EarthSpeak, "Seeding False Hope," and "Barefoot in the Snow"

>Short, Fast and Deadly, i60, "Blue"

>Southern Women's Review, Jan. 2011,"Granddaughter of Make-Do"

>Words: A Poetry and Prose Anthology (Old Mountain Press) "Fishing at Midnight"

>Poppy Road Review, "5 Winter Haiku"

>Halfway Down the Stairs, Haunted Issue, March 2011 "Feeding the Ghost of You"

>WestWard Quarterly, "Chorus of Children’s Voices," Spring 2011, "A Glimpse of God," Summer 2011, and "House of Mercy," Fall 2011.

>Stymie Magazine, Spring 2011, Baseball Issue, "On the Wings of a Baseball"

>Raven Chronicles,Vol. 16, No. 1, "Crow on My Front Lawn."

The Greensilk Journal, Spring 2011, "Before Breakfast"

>The Mississippi Poetry Journal 2011 Contest Edition, " “Mother’s,"Between Us,"

> “What Do You Know of Spring,” and "Chopin: Robbing Time”

>The Battered Suitcase, Summer 2011, "Catching Cold"

>The Stray Branch, Fall/Winter 2012, "Games of Chance," "What Used to Be," and "Resolution"

>Indigo Rising Magazine, May 17, 2011, "Endless Nights in the River Bed"

>Orange Room Review, June 2011, "Scraping the Surface" and "Tiny Treasures"

>Ink, Sweat & Tears, July 2011, "For Sale: Memory for a Song"

> Eskimo Pie, August 2011, "I Am" and "Set in Our Ways"

>The Harsh and the Heart--Celebrating the Military (Silver Boomers anthology), Aug. 2011, "What's Really Missing"

> Eunoia Review, Oct. 2011, "Driving the Limit," "Of Vacations and Incense," "Grand Lies," "Summer of Centipedes," "Sound-Escape," and "Carnal Consumption"

> Poetry24, June 14, 2011 "Red, Red Rain" 

>;Mad Swirl, June 2011, "Secret of the Shell"

 Danse Macabre, XLVIII Bel ennui, "Julius Caesar Sun" and "Burning the Brush"
> Danse Macabre le de jour, "Residing in Goo"

>The Rainbow Rose, "Where Eyes Are Clouds That Weep," "Crushed" and "Persimmon Road"

>Vox Poetica prompts, "Heartfelt" 

Heavy Hands Ink, "Fisted River" and "Concerto"

> Old Time Mountain Music Anthology, 2011 "Old Time Mountain Music"

>Four and Twenty, Sept. 2011, "Overripe"

E·ratio Issue 15, 2012, "rEvolution of Love," "kNot," "Forgiveness," and "Baseball: A Game of Opposites"

Purple Poetry Book 2011, "Filed Under 'B'," and "Reminders"

> The Mississippi Poetry Journal 2012 Contest Edition"My Eclipse," "Sweet, Sunny Summers," "User and Spouse," and "Regret"

DeepSouth Magazine, "Same Stars, Different Houses" (Pushcart Nomination), and "Trapped Inside the Bottles" forthcoming

>I Wonder Why, "Little White Plane"

Grandmother Earth, "Song of the Booms"

Death Head Grin e-book Volume Two, "Forbidden Passion," "Drowning the Scream of Silence," "Lullaby," and "Averil for Vultures" coming soon!

Poetry24, Oct. 1, 2012, "Double Helix: Memories of Me"

>The Mississippi Poetry Journal 2013 Contest Edition, "Devil's Due," "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Addicted"

I Only Wanted One Time To See You Laughing, Prince Tribute, Yellow Chair Review, "Past Purple"

Delirious: A Poetic Celebration of Prince, NightBallet Press, "Snow in April."

SnapDragon Journal, Journey Issue, June, 2016, "From the Depths of Red Bluff"

Whispers,July 5, 2016, "Vacating the Premises,"  a collaborative poem.

In Bloom, "Scratched Record"

Alyss "Can't Stop the Bees"


Ms. Huddleston was Workshop Leader for the 54th Mid-South Poetry Festival on Oct. 1, 2011. See the blog post.


Jeanne Leiby, author and editor of The Southern Review. (Sorry to say, Ms. Lieby passed away in 2011.)

Angela Ball, poet/professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, published in Best American Poetry.

Irene Latham, author and poetry editor for Birmingham Arts Journal.

Keith Badowski - "The Bearded Poet" and Co-founder of Brick Road Poetry Press.

Crystal Bowman, author of children books and piano music

Edna Ellison, Christian speaker and author.

Jo Huddleston, author of fiction and Bible studies.

Billy Field, screenplay writer for FAME.

Betty Hassler, editor of Open Windows and Deacon.

Cheryl Wray author of Writing for Magazines: A Beginner's Guide.

Hester Bass, author of The Secret World of Walter Anderson, winner of the 2010 NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children and the SIBA Award – "I Think I Can: Writing for Children and Teens."

Sarah Campbell, author of award winning children's books Growing Patterns: The Fibanacci Numbers and Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator.

Katie McHugh, Executive Director of Da Capo Lifelong Books – "What Makes a Book Marketable?"

Regina Brooks, founder and president of Serendipity Literary Agency LLC– "Writing the Undeniable Book Proposal."

Lauretta Hannon, author of The Cracker Queen – "Marketing Mojo: Marketing Can Catapult You to Success Before the Book Deal."

Alan Brown, professor of English at the University of West Alabama and author of seventeen books – "How I Got Published and the Ghost Tour of Vicksburg."

and so many more...


Ms. Huddleston has read selections of her poetry at the Mississippi Writers Guild Conference (Literary Artists Onstage) in Vicksburg, 2009 and the 2010 and at Jackson in 2011 and 2012, The Mississippi Poetry Society Fall-mini Festivals at Belhaven College in Jackson, MS, The MPS Spring Festivals in Ocean Springs and at Lake Tiak O'khata, Espresyo Soul, and at Sage Coffee and Books in Meridian. Her poem, "The Earth Gives Thanks," was read on Thanksgiving Day on radio station WCJU, Columbia, MS.
*I had to cancel my reading at the Ole Miss Bookstore Cafe on the afternoon of 9/28/2013 due to State Chorus tryouts with my 5th graders being the same day.


She has been an elementary music teacher for 24 years, a piano teacher since high school, and a church musician or choir director since 6th grade. She received superior ratings for piano solo at the Bach Festival and for clarinet duo at Solo & Ensemble, the Meridian Community College Music Award, chorus scholarships to the University of Southern MS, and was a member of the auditioned USM Singers Choir. Her piano club won the State Jr. Federation of Music Clubs' Loving Cup in 1985. The Meridian Philharmonic Nat'l Federation of Music Clubs won multiple ribbons during her term as President. Ms. Huddleston has had students perform in the Mississippi Elementary State Honor Choir for many years.

Served as Judge for:
  • the district Baptist Hymn Festival in Laurel, MS
  • National Federation of Jr. Music Club Festivals
  • the Colgate Country Showdown Local Finals (2009) in Columbia, MS.
Music Education Articles/ideas Published Online:
Her original song, "Many More Birthdays" was performed at the 2010 Relay for Life Opening Ceremonies in Forest, MS.

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Wynne Huddleston is a poet, musician and teacher. Her first book of poetry, From the Depths of Red Bluff, ISBN: 978-0-9840483-2-8, published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc., is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Ms. Huddleston is the Mississippi Poetry Society 2014 Poet of the Year. Her poetry has been published in numerous publications including the Birmingham Arts Journal, Camroc Press Review, Stymie Magazine, Danse Macabre, Orange Room Review, New Fairy Tales Anthology, Ink, Sweat & Tears, and Four and Twenty. Her poem, Same Stars, Different Houses received a Pushcart Nomination from Deep South Magazine. Awards include the 2013 MPS Award, and Winner of the Grandmother Earth National Contest 2010 for Environmental Poetry. Ms. Huddleston was born in Lone Star, Texas, but has lived in Mississippi most of her life. She has been an elementary music teacher for 25 years, and has 2 grown sons, and 2 grandchildren.