Saturday, January 14, 2017

Be Prepared!

I was reading a blog post about the 2nd Coming and it reminded me I needed to write about a little piece of paper found in my neighbor's yard.

"Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."--Matthew 24:44.

My neighbors' house blew up, literally, from a gas line. The sweet elderly couple had just come home and sat down in their chairs when BOOM! Their lives and their entire house was blown away, in the blink of an eye. At the time I was at a funeral home 15 or so miles away (my aunt had passed away). I saw the smoke as I was leaving town. As I neared home I met firetrucks and other emergency vehicles. I stopped at my son's house (next to mine) to see what was happening. BOOM! the explosions continued. The air was filled with strange colored smoke and ash. My daughter in law was home with the baby, but her husband, my son, a fireman, was at work in town. My other son was there, though. They both told me how scary it was, how their houses shook when it happened. Tiny pieces of insulation covered my nearby neighbors' yard. There was nothing discernible in all the grayness, save one tiny piece of paper.
Always Be Prepared
"Always Be Prepared" it says. The torn paper shows two bracelets (I think) made of pearls with jewels.... "Free shipping".... to the pearly gates? Or do the bracelets symbolize the two who passed away? Were they sending a warning? Why was this the ONLY thing found in a huge yard filled with ash? My pasture and my son's yard were also covered in the insulation/ash, but nothing else. It gave me chill bumps when I heard about this.
A closer view
Some people think that the "end times" are here. There is so much division in this country--racial, religious and political! People are murdering, looting and burning to protest what they see as police targeting black people; Neo Nazi and white extremists have murdered good Christians and harrassed multi-racial families. School aged kids have bullied other kids on social media to the point where they commit suicide or shoot down other students in our schools. People have used social media to make criminals seem innocent or heroic; some football players refuse to stand for our National Anthem, and liberals have burned our precious US flag, as well as our president-elect in effigy, to protest their disapproval of a legal election. People should instead pray for our new president. People have forgotten that love heals all. People have forgotten to be KIND to each another!

I believe that fear is a big factor in our country's divisions---fear of a president who is not a politician, fear of violent hate groups, both black and white, and fear of Isis. The media perpetuates these fears. Some people think there will be a black and white race war. Some actually think the new POTUS will throw them out of the country just because of their race. In the name of religion people have been beheaded. Some believe that Isis could be the beast in Bible prophecy. Escape All These Things's post, Is Isis in Bible Prophecy. Yes, Their End! states the opinion that "Islam's role ends when the Antichrist arises, just like all religions and ideologies roles will, including Communism. They must because with the help of the last pope, the Antichrist convinces the world that he is God (2Th 2:4) (not Christ). The religion will not be worship of Allah, but worship of the Antichrist himself as God on earth. The government will not be communism either but obviously a religious dictatorship or (twisted) theocracy."

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins. in Matthew 25, five virgins were wise and had oil for their lamps. They were ready when the groom returned at midnight, while the other five virgins were foolish, away buying oil. When they returned it was too late, the door was closed.

"Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh."-- Matthew 25:13, King James version. 

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Garden of Eden at Göbekli Tepe?

Religion brought about civilization, not the other way around. Why not? The first Olympics were centered on the arts and religion. Some think they have yet again found the Garden of Eden. The Bible says Eden is where the 4 rivers come together, and such a place is Göbekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill), a point in SouthernTurkey near the Syrian border. Stones, part of a vast ancient structure larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza have been found. The Urantia Book’s account of human history stated that no animals were killed inside the Garden of Eden. In fact, only birds were allowed inside. Theorists think the fact that wild game bones are discovered in abundance here points out Adam and Eve's dismissal from the Garden. There are all kinds of theories, but only about 5% has been uncovered after 20 years!

The aeiral view of Göbekli Tepe (pronounced Guh-behk-LEE TEH-peh) reveals a site not for living or domestic settlement, but strictly for worshipping purposes. It predates the invention of the wheel. 7000 years before the pyramids. It is carbon dated at about 9500 BC, some sites say older, anyway it's the oldest structure in the world, and Pre-pottery Neolithic A.. Machinery for moving these is not thought to have existed at that time. It's older than the oldest cities.

There are rectangular and circular temples found since 2005.
It all centers on circles that may represent a portal. In the center of each temple are two T-shaped pillars with 10 or 12 others surrounding them. These are cleanly carved limestone pillars that towered 10-18 feet high, weighing 16 tons. The earliest rings were the most sophisticated. As time went on they became less so, and smaller. (source

They are engraved with engravings of animals like bulls, boars, foxes, gazelles, donkeys, snakes and other reptiles, insects, arachnids, and birds, particularly vultures. Such pillars have also been found in Neolithic sites at Nevali Çori, Hamzan Tepe, Sefer Tepe and Karahan Tepe. In some Neolithic cultures, vultures and other carrion birds were believed to take souls to heaven. On the pillars at Gobekli Tepe  there are a few engravings of humans--one a crouched, naked woman, one a decapitated man with an erection. Ancestor worship often included decapitation, or possibly an early form of sky burial such as practiced by Tibetan Buddhists and Zoroastrians of India. They found it an efficient way of getting rid of the body--letting birds have it. 
Pillar 2 from Enclosure A (Layer III)
Gobekli Tepe, Urfa. Wikimedia 
2 huge monoliths in the circle on the right look, to me, like chairs facing each other. The Urantia Book claims that Adam viewed Eve as an equal, and some theorize these chairs symbolize their counsel. While some think this may be a celestial calendar, the portal aligns with celestial bodies, like a Gateway. It seems to point to Cygnus, the Celestial Swan. Some think this is an entrance or exit to "sky world." 

Could this be Eden when Adam and Eve worshipped? Could God and his angels have created this? Is this the portal through which the angels came? Extra terrestrials? I think we need to hold off until more of the excavation is complete. At any rate, it is hard to believe mankind was capable of building such a place so many thousands of years ago.

Andrew Collins compares these two pictures and suggests perhaps  nineteenth-century artist and poet William Blake, who saw his first angel when he was 8 years old, had a vision of these T shaped pillars at Göbekli Tepe. How could Blake have seen this place that was buried for so many centuries? Collins purports that spooky physics can explain."Quantum entanglement provides a scientific basis for everything from telepathy to past lives, premonitions and, of course, glimpses of the past." 

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