Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Mary Poppins Carpet Bag of Imagination

Last night Mary Poppins was on network TV for the first time in 13 years. The original movie came out when I was 6 years. old. I remembered having her carpet bag when I was a little girl. I remember putting all kinds of things in it. In my memory, the bag was a beautiful brocade material and very large...possibly purple. It must have been magic, too!

I tried to find a pic of the bag on the internet but nothing matched my memory. This morning I found an old family picture with the bag in it! Isn't it funny how an object can change in your mind. It was a wonderful bag to me, much more than the plastic one it really was! Here is a pic of the actual bag. I found it on Etsy in color (sold out).

Below: My Mary Poppins carpet bag is beside my daddy's boots (he is out of the pic in the chair). It was my job to pull his boots off when he came in from work. The ceramic poodle in the pic was a popular item back then, we also had a black one. That's my baby picture on the table. Moma made the paisley shirt I had on, complete with fringe with little balls. She was a great seamstress. 

I was combing the hair of my "Kissy" doll. If you pulled her hands toward each other her lips pursed to "kiss" you. My sister Donna and I each got one for Christmas that year. Hers had brown hair; mine had blonde hair. Mom and Dad got our toys out while we waited behind closed door on Christmas Eve. When ready we would find our gifts waiting for us. We 3 girls weren't taught to believe in Santa. I always knew he was just an imaginary figure like Mary Poppins! We believed in the real love of God and the generosity of our parents, not Santa Claus.
©Wynne Huddleston

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wynne Huddleston Supertalk Radio, Behind the Scenes Interview

Behind the Scenes with Richelle Putnam on Nov. 25, 2015

Interview and readings of the poems "From the Depths of Red Bluff," "Where Muscadines Grow," and "For Sale: Memory for a Song." I start reading at 6:50

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