Sunday, November 1, 2015

Black Widow Costume

Using videos and blogposts I made my SHIELD Black Widow costume.
Widow's Darts bracelets
For Super Hero day during Red Ribbon week I decided to be the Black Widow from Iron Man since I have red hair and I like her character. I got some empty bullet shells from my brother-in-law who was in the military. I had a black elastic ribbon that came on a package that was the perfect size, but you can use regular black elastic and cut to fit your wrist. Cut a length of peel and stick velcro to fasten the ends. Be careful you use a male and a female fastener on each wrist bracelet. I cut a piece of felt large enough to go around and in between the bullet shells. I just had 6 so I used 3 on each bracelet.  I made pockets for the bullet shells by using hot glued in between the shells or you can just glue the shells down. I would rather have had this toy bullet belt but could not order them in time!

Belt buckle
I cut a piece of Fun Foam, a smaller red piece and a slightly smaller black piece. Rather than spray paint the big piece silver I decided to just cover it with aluminum fall. I stapled the red one on top of it, then hot blued the black on on top of the red one. I used a few coats of Mod Podge to make it shiny. I put a felmale stick on velcro strip on the back WITH the male fastener on top of it, then placed it on the belt. That way I could line it up straight.

SHIELD arm patch

I found a pic of the shield, copied it into word and printed it, cut it out and colored on gray felt with a black Sharpie. Be sure to turn the pattern over to make the other eagle face the opposite way. Duct tape, sew or velcro the patches on the shoulders of a black leather jacket that zips up the front or on your black jumpsuit. I bought black leather-look Jeggins from Walmart for $12 and used a jacket I already had, and wore black boots. I put black straps on my thighs for a gun holder. You can make some out of elastic. There are websites and videos that show how to paint little cardboard boxes black to put on a weapon belt around your hips, but I opted out since my black jacket had a kind of sheer skirt.

I made a cool SHIELD badge with my name and "Black Widow" on it. I printed it on regular paper since I had an old name tag to put it in, but you could print it on cardstock and laminate it.

Depending on where you wear this you can add a toy gun. Please use caution. I heard one person was arrested for wearing a toy gun belt on a public bus! I was at a school so I did not take the toy gun. The pic is fun and example only!

Black Widow Costume
pic is copyrighted by Wynne Huddleston and is not for public use

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