Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrate Literacy - The Magic of Books January 31st 2015 Jackson, MS

Come join us in celebrating literacy and the magic of books: dozens of popular authors, book signings, writing workshops, cultural programs, children's book readings, poetry readings and much more. 

Help us raise money for outstanding programs teaching children to read. 
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I will be reading and signing my book, From the Depths of Red Bluff! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Living in Your Purpose: Dream BIG

"If you're waking up every day, feeling like you're in a rut…    that there's got to be more to it than this, if you're waking up constantly unhappy… you're not living in your purpose, you're not living for the reason God created you to live. 
  • Stop thinking you've done something you can't recover from. 
  • Quit beating yourself up.
  • Sometimes the breakup is the blessing.
You've got to have a dream so big that your dream has to be bigger than your fear and your dream has to be bigger than your white knight. so big it dwarfs any excuse you can come up with. You need a vision board, with your dreams on it that you look at every day. Example: Pictures of your family, a place, whatever motivates you to go for your dream." --Steve Harvey on his TV show talking about his book, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success.
Wow! I need to read this book! Harvey's points really hit home... even the surprising one about the white knight, indeed! The "Vision Board" reminds me of the white board my son brought home from college with his goals still written on it, calendar dates and all. I was surprised. I didn't know he did that, and I was impressed. He is very goal oriented, with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Ole Miss and now he is an RN. He is set on the medical field and dreams to go further. Although unexpected things deterred him at points in his life, I know he will succeed now because he has a family to motivate him. 

So many young people (and adults) don't know what they want to do when they grow up. I have always known my calling was music and writing— as a church musician, as a piano/music  teacher, and  as a writer. Although I've always known what God wanted me to do, I have made mistakes  along the way. All we like sheep…. But I can't imaging not knowing what my purpose is. I have learned something though, your purpose can change over time, if ever so slightly. I wasn't as focused on my writing for a long time, but I felt God pushing me toward that and away from being a church musician. I know that sounds strange, but who knows God's purpose but Him? You have to be open to what He wants you to do at every stage of life. We never grow too old to inspire, teach or love. That is at the core of every purpose He has for us. 

What are your dreams? Have they changed over the years? Do you have a vision board?

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