Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday's Small Beauty, July 9, 2013

Tuesday’s Small Beauty

This cutie certainly qualifies as a small beauty.

Photo by Wynne Huddleston

Very early one morning I dreamed about a yellow bird and its baby. The next morning I saw my dream becoming reality. Although my dreams often do come true... it still gave me a strange feeling. If only I could harness this ability which seems to come and go... for instance, I was staring at my ceiling stain from where my AC unit in the attic leaked last year and guess what? Hours later it was leaking again... more on this later. Back to the yellow bird dream:

The bird has a string, like a clothesline wrapped around its neck. I unwind it, but the bird still sits there in a tangle of straw. Finally I say, I'm trying to save your life--get off! It looks at me and says, I'm trying to save my baby! I pick it up and it has underneath it, in its claws, a baby bird. I don't know what to do with them. I set them on the ground, but I'm afraid a mean bird nearby will get them. I move them, a white rabbit appears, I move them again. They seem to be okay and I wake up.

Injured bird? Where its tail? Fuzzy crown on head...
Photo by Wynne Huddleston

Photo by Wynne Huddleston

The next day I look outside and see a yellow bird flying around a baby bird on my back patio door step. I run to get my phone to take a picture. I get really close, but scare it, and it hops off onto the ground. The mother I presume, is flying around with her mate. Oh, no, I think, she won't be able to find her. I try to shoo the tiny bird back; it can't fly, but hops... toward me! I start to pick it up, but I'm afraid I'll hurt it. I try to get a pic of the mom and lose baby bird. I don't know where it is...

I'm wondering now if this is the bird I saw in an opening in the brick by the AC pipe outside and if when they cleaned the "LINE" it decided to move. Or maybe my dream was making a pun on "line" as in a line of poetry... hmm.

It's a Carolina wren! I found a pic almost exactly like this one! http://www.andrewclem.com/Archives/2005/05/11wb.html
The description fits the mom, too. White eyebrows, pale yellow breast, gray/brown back and wings.. They say they stay on the ground while learning so I guess it's supposed to be there. I believe the dad was in a nearby tree next to a bush that I had been trying to weed muscadime, blackberries, honeysuckle and a bunch of other junk out of. Apparently they like brush piles, and the berries, so I guess I will leave it alone. They may even build in your potted plant! The male and female pair for life, how sweet! The male builds several nests and the female chooses which she prefers, lol! The male Carolina Wren can sing up to forty different songs – up to 3,000 times in a single day! The male in my yard, I guess this one's dad says, Germany, Germany Germany! And Teakettle-teakettle. You can listen here.

I sure will watch where I step from now on. It's no bigger than a baby frog, and the color camouflages it!


Come on, take wing,

Tiny little thing.
Your daddy is calling, 
Germany, Germany, Germany
and telling your mom to get 
the Teakettle, Teakettle!

 Don't you want to get out of this grassy place?

                                                                                    He tries, but falls
                                               flat on his face...


Carolina Wren

UPDATE!!! Mama decided to move in the birdhouse my youngest son and his wife gave me for Mother's Day : )
It's near my garage, so every time I come out she starts fussing at me, lol!

Now I can't get the song Yellow Bird out of my head... 

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