Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spoonful of Soul, Sunday July 8, 2012

I just happened to catch an old 1994 episode, Power of Prayer, on Oprah this week. In a blind study at a San Francisco General Hospital involving 400 heart patients, 200 prayed for, 200 not, results showed more improvement in the prayed-for group. In the group not prayed for more died, they were 5 times more likely to require antibiotics, 3 times more likely to develop complications, and 12 required ventilators while the other group required none. Physician and bestselling author Dr. Larry Dossey wanted to scientifically prove that prayer works. He concluded it does by reporting the results of a study involving the germination of seeds. The seeds that were prayed for grew healthy plants, while those not prayed for were not successful. The prayer included the words, Thy will be done. Apparently those who are old pros at praying are more successful at it. More on this below.

Also, there was a woman on the show  who said she started meditating when she found out she had cancer. She visualized her thymus healing her lymphoma through her immune system. She saw a light in her thymus and it poured through her, healing her. She miraculously became cancer free after doing this (several times I think). I had posted all this on facebook and had some great responses. One that really has hit home and I want to share, is that to be successful at praying we should also be accepting of the answer. Yes, we know that, "Thy will be done." But do we really mean that? I had a lentigo maligna on my right cheek, close to my eye. I thought it was awful that I had to have surgery to remove it; it just looked like a freckle, but underneath it was a form of deadly skin cancer. After surgery I thought, not too bad, and I worried about the scar and my swollen face, but it wasn't too painful. But when I went back to get the results of the biospy he said it showed cancer in another spot. Surgery #2. OK, I cried, but thought one more time. I went back cheerfully to get the good news for that biopsy. Wrong. Now it showed another place. Why was this happening to me? I went back to the car and cried uncontrollably. Surely this thing is going to ruin my face and maybe I'll never get rid of it. I went home, tried to vacuum while sitting on the big ottoman. The vacuum fell across my toes (and I still think I broke two of them!)

I had only been home for a few hours after the 3rd surgery when I felt my face swell worse than ever. I hurt so bad. I finally called my sis to take me back. I had a hematoma. They had to give me about 15-20 shots (I lost count). Each one felt like a bee sting. I screamed and squeezed the nurse's hand so hard, poor dear. The surgeon cauterized it and double stitched the inciaion from eye almost to jawbone. The surgeon said, This only happens to good people, I don't know why! There was nothing for me to do but give up. I'd half-heartedly tried the visualization several nights, but this time I really went for it, prayed and prayed for the next biopsy to be clear of cancer. This time my parents insisted on going with me. I went inside with a defeated attitude that there was NO WAY the biopsy would be clear. I was going to have surgery for the rest of my life until I had no face left. When the plastic surgeon told me I was cancer-free I almost passed out with joy. 

Why had my positive attitude not worked? Why did it seem God answered my prayer only after I gave up?

Another story on facebook gave me the answer. This lady (Martha) said she had seed warts on her face that were spreading. She'd been seeing a lady around town who had awful big warts hanging all over her body and was terrified that she would wind up like her. Then one day she saw her and told herself, "I might as well just give in to the idea that I'm gonna have these things since they keep on coming back." At that point she got goosebumps. A light went off in her head/eyes and things got fuzzy for a few seconds. Then she felt a really nice, but cold, thrill/buzz up and down her body. She knew it was a spirit activity, and possibly one of healing. When she got home, the warts were totally gone and never came back. She said that acceptance was the key to the healing, that you should state your request/desire, see it, believe it, then release it. 

Thy will be done. 

Here is a video of one of Oprah's interviews with Larry Dossey. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday’s Small Beauty, July 2, 2012

Tuesday’s Small Beauty
 In-bread tomatoes from my parents' garden. Just ducky! or Shameless chicks!

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