Monday, January 2, 2012

The Harsh and The Heart Free Jan 3 on Kindle

The Harsh and The Heart will be a free download for Kindle from tonight 12 midnight, Pacific time, to 12 midnight Tuesday. My poem. What's Really Missing, is in this anthology honoring the military. You should be able to search for the title on Amazon during those hours and see the free download offer. Right now, you see the title offered as a free temporary file to folks who are signed up for Amazon Prime, but the one-day free download is something separate.

if you don't own a Kindle but would like to have the book on your computer, smart phone or ipad, this link tells you how to get Kindle content for those devices:

Becky Haigler
Editor/Partner, Silver Boomer Books
Author, not so GRIMM: gentle fables and cautionary tales


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